DB CyberTech Software Version 6.1.2 Release Notes

About This Document

This document provides feature descriptions and late-breaking information for the DB CyberTech software version 6.1.2. It includes information that was not available at the time the technical documentation for this product was published, as well as a list of known issues and solutions.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for customers and DB CyberTech authorized service partners who license and use the DB CyberTech Platform.

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DB CyberTech Technical Support is the destination for technical assistance with products and solutions sold by DB CyberTech. To contact Technical Support, send email to support@dbcybertech.com.

For more information about known issues and new features, contact the DB CyberTech Customer Service team:

  • Email: support@dbcybertech.com

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  • Support Website: www.dbcybertech.com/support

  • Phone: (800) 375-0592

About This Release

These release notes cover DB CyberTech platform software version 6.1.2.

How to obtain a copy

This firmware can be downloaded or ordered from the DB CyberTech Technical Support Web Page.

New Features and Important Enhancements

Security Optimization

The 6.1.2 software release incorporates the Data Classification feature into Security feature to focus security functions on high value content. The columns on the behavioral incident page have been updated and the design has been adjusted. This will also further reduce the number of false positives generated by the system. For additional details on the feature, see the DB CyberTech Security Guide.

Security Policy Rule Additions

The Security feature now allows for the addition of policy rules directly from the rule management screen. For additional details on the feature, see the DB CyberTech Security Guide.

Additional API Support

The DBC platform now uses the term Visibility rather than Discovery. The Data Classification feature is now located under the Privacy menu option. The GDPR feature is now located under the Compliance menu option, and the Insider Threat feature is now located under the Security page.

Fixed Problems

Issue ID Description
217 Redaction settings are not saved until feature is enabled
3177 UI Server restarts with a process out of memory error
4121 IT create rule - disable or hide scope selection
4771 Time reporting in CSV is not consistent
4918 IT Cluster List - sort start column by date rather than string value
5104 AUI Job Status navigation issues
5519 When removing a user-defined term the data and materialized views are out of sync
5637 Bubble charts to not take into account excluded services
5639 GDPR Dashboard trend line is black on Safari but not on Chrome
5962 IT Dashboard flickers and redraws on 5 minute cycle
5963 Discovery analytics PDF download slow
6392 Discovery dispatcher crashes after rule change with no data

Known Issues


Notes on Installation

When upgrading DB CyberTech systems with version 5.2 or earlier, please contact DB CyberTech Technical Support.


Documentation Update

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